media logosSince the existing of our blog quite some people wrote or reported about us. We thought, it might be interesting for you to list those articles, because they provide another view on us, ask questions, might go particulary deeper than our blog does. Plus we are of course very about it!

It’s quite a language mix: Bulgarian, English, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Polish, Bosnian, Serbian, Macedonian, Croatian, Chinese and Japanese.

As journalists we also publish articles. The ones which are available online  you will find at the end of this page.  Some prints you will find on our facebook page, most we still have to find time to scan…

Others about us

jason hunt ranking2016-01-21, Jason Hunt
We won the 1st place of Polands most important Blog Ranking!
Ranking najbardziej wpływowych blogerów 2015 roku

Funkhaus Europa - Anna Alboth02.02.2016-02-02, Funkhaus Europa
Anna Alboth: Inność przyszła do nas
Funkhaus Europa is a German foreign language radio station

TVN2016-02-12, @ Dzień Dobry TVN
Wielu Polaków przeciwko uchodźcom. Dlaczego?
TVN is Polands biggest private TV station

familyvehicleguide-top-family-travel-blogs2015-12-15, Family Vehicle Guide
20 Top Family Travel Blogs for 2015 – Get Inspired and Take Action!

2015-08-1, Nomad Bébé
The Alboths: Traveling With 2 Kids for Months At A Time!

school starts2015-08-31, matatorNetwork
This traveling family decided to settle down for their daughter’s first year in school. Here’s why.

into the blue logo2015-07-17, RayanAir Blog – Into the Blue
Baby On Board: Tips For Flying With Under Twos
Corporate Blog

logo familie.pl2015-07-15,
Podróżowanie bez granic z dziećmi! is a polish family portal

Deutschandfunk Logo2015-03-08, radio
Deutschlandfunk: Sonntagsspaziergang – Live von der ITB 2015 / Interview (in German)
Deutschlandfunk is Germanys biggest public radio station

Polskie Radio - Rodzina Bez Granic2014-12-26, radio
Z dziećmi przez świat (in Polish)
Polskie Radio is the main polish state radio station

Pytanie na Sniadanie - TVP2014-12-28, TV
Rodzina Bez Granic @ Pytanie na śniadanie, TVP2 (in Polish)
TVP the main polish public TV station

Live - IKEA magazine and the family without borders2014-10-01, live magazine of IKEA
Communal living – Home story
available in: CN, CS, DE, DK, EN, ES, IT, JP, SE, LT, FR, FI, NO, NL, HR, HU, PL, PT, RO, SK
live – The IKEA magazine (print and online)

wandrlymagazine2014-08-15, travel blog
The Family Without Borders (in English) – Online magazine for full-time travelers

Daddylicious2014-07-08, fathers blog
10 Fragen an Daddy Thomas Alboth (in German) – Award winning German father’s blog

Freiepresse: Elternzeitreise des Plaueners zu Mayas2014-02-01, newspaper
Plauener mit zwei Babys bei den Mayas (print version) (in German)
Freie Presse biggest Newspaper in Saxony

ciazowy.pl2013-10-24, family portal
Z dziećmi w świat, czyli prawdziwe historie podróżujących rodzin (in Polish) is a Polish family portal

fabrykapodroznika.pl2013-10-07, travel portal
Każda podróż to czas spędzony razem (in Polish)
Fabryka Podroznika is a Polish travel portal

wysokie2013-09-09, womens magazine
Auto, mama, tata i papuga (in Polish)
magazine Wysokie Obcasy is a weekend addition to Gazeta Wyborcza

sens2013-09-09, magazine
Z dzieckiem w plecaku (in Polish)
Sens is a monthly magazine

zeitjung.de2013-09-09, portal
Reisen ohne Grenzen (in German) is a German portal for young people

zazabava.com2013-08-25, portal
Семејството кое нема граници во патувањето (in Macedonian) is a Macedonian lifestyle web portal

elconfidencial.com2013-08-18, portal
La familia nómada: una nueva manera de viajar (y procrear) (in Spanish)
El Confidencial is a Spanish news portal of the best spanish journalists

baku magazine

2013-03-03, magazine
Epic family journey (in English)
Baku Magazine

denesen.mk2013-08-25, portal
Семејството кое нема граници во патувањето (in Macedonian) is Macedonian portal

index.hr2013-08-24, portal
Obitelj koja ne poznaje granice (in Croatian)
IndexHR is Croatian portal

klix.ba2013-08-24, portal
Porodica bez granica posjetila BiH i oduševila se prirodnim ljepotama (in Bosnian)
Klix is a big Bosnian news portal

travelmaniacy.pl2013-06-18, portal
Anna Alboth – Rodzina bez Granic (in Polish) is a portal for travelling people

tvp2013-04-10, TV
Wiadomości TVP (in Polish)
TVP info is important TV news

globalVoices2013-03-25, news portal
Attention! Baby on Board: An Interview With a Travelling Blogger Family (in English, Greek, French, Catalan, Spanish, Macedonian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese)
Global Voices is a world wide topics’ portal

2013-02-20, family portal
Nigdy nie stawialiśmy pytania “czy warto”?, po prostu się pakowaliśmy! (in Polish)
Czas Dzieci is an important Polish website for parents

2013-01-18, blog
როცა „მინდა“ ნიშნავს „შემიძლიას“ (in Georgian)
Rainytrainy’s Blog 

2012-10-25, travel magazine
Living the Dream: Roadtrip with babies [PDF]
[in EnglishHTML], [ in German PDF, HTML]
4seasons is a very nice and huge German outdoor magazine by globetrotter

2012-10-31, outdoor portal
Von Auto bis Windeln: Tipps fürs Reisen mit Kindern (Das ist Deutsch)
4seasons is a very nice and huge German outdoor magazine by globetrotter

2012-10-17, parents portal
Podróze z dziecmi, czyli Rodzina Bez Granic (in Polish) is an important portal for parents

2012-08-29, blog
Fortunate People (in English) is Indian blog

2012-08-23, newspaper
Dall’Est Europa al Centro America con due bebè (in Italian)
Il Fatto Quotidiano is an important Italian daily newspaper

2012-07-24, travel portal
Kwestionariusz podrózniczy #2: Rodzina Bez Granic (in Polish)
Travellers Portal Peron4

rodzins bez granic, anna alboth @ wysokie obcasy2012-07-13, women’s magazine
Rodzina bez Granic: przez świat z dziećmi w ramionach (in Polish)
Wysokie Obcasy is an important life style magazine in Poland

kelioniumanija.lt2012-07-11, travel portal
Šeima be sienų (in Lithuanian) is Lithuanian portal about travelling

2012-06-19, women’s portal
Być szczęśliwą (in Polish)
Speł  is a Polish website for women

ladnebebe.pl2012-06-15, parent’s portal
Z dziećmi w drodze na co dzień (in Polish) is a Polish portal about parenthood - rodzina bez granic2012-05-29, portal
Hania w podróży (gallery, in Polish) is one of the biggest portals in Poland

funkhaus europa2012-05-29, radio
Z dwójką dzieci pół roku po Ameryce (in Polish and German)
Funkhaus Europa is a German radio station

zycie jest piekne2012-03-25, blog
Poznaj Rodzinę Bez Granic! (in Polish) is a Polish popular blog

4outdoor.pl2012-03-22, outdoor portal
Członkowie Alpinus Testing Team nominowani do nagrody TRAVELERY 2011 (in Polish) is portal about outdoor activities

denevnik bulgaria2012-03-17, newspaper
Албот – пътуващите с бебе на борда (in Bulgarian)
Dvenik one of the big Bulgarian newspapers.

passion4travel.pl2012-03-15, traveler’s portal
The Family Without Borders (in Polish)
Passio4Travel is portal for travelers

radio wnet2012-03-7, radio
Rodzina bez Granic spotyka dobrych ludzi (in Polish)
Pocztowki ze swiata is a radio program for travelers in Radio Wnet

tanie-loty.pl2012-03-6, flight’s portal
Rodzina bez granic (in Polish)
Tanie Loty is a popular website with good traveling options

15minute: The family without bordersFebruary 2012 (#16), livestyle magazine
The family without borders (Print) // Web (in Romanian)
15minute is a Moldavien lifestyle magazine

etraveler.pl2012-01-10, traveler’s portal
Rodzina przekracza kolejne granice (in Polish) is is portal for travelers

peron4: January 20122012-01-9
Anna Alboth: z dwójką dzieci jest trochę trudniej, ale dajemy radę (in Polish)
Travellers Portal Peron4

peron4: Niezły Meksyk2011-12-09
Niezły Meksyk
(in Polish)
Travellers Portal Peron4

EYP journalists adventure through the hot and windy roads of Central America (in English)
European Youth Press is European network of young media makers (

Blog Tygodnia: Rodzina Bez Granic (in Polish) is a Polish blog

tageszeiung: Nomaden mit Elterngeld2011-10-23
Nomaden mit Elterngeld (in German)
tageszeitung is a very nice, left newspaper

Czy warto podróżować z dziećmi? (in Polish)
Polish portal

The Family Without Borders in Lithuanian magazine: Moters savaite2011-07-26
Šeima be sienu: su kudikiu – aplink Juodaja jura (in Lithuanian)
Moters savaite is a Lithuanian print magazine

On Radio Koszalin by Jagoda Koprowska (in Polish, 12 minutes)
Radio station Radio Koszalin, program Radiowy Klub Obiezyswiata (every Sunday, from 13.00 to 16.00) Rodzina droga silna (in Polish)2011-03-01
Rodzina drogą silna (in Polish)
Blog of a Polish father Spotkania wokól Morza Czarnego (photo gallery, in Polish)2011-02-07
Spotkania wokół Morza Czarnego (photo gallery, in Polish)
Travellers Portal “peron4” Z mala Hania na Kaukazie (photo gallery, in Polish)Z mala Hania na Kaukazie (photo gallery, in Polish)2011-01-28
Z małą Hanią na Kaukazie (photo gallery, in Polish) – one of Polish biggest web portals Podróz z dzieckiem wokól Morza Czarnego (in Polish) Podróz z dzieckiem wokól Morza Czarnego (in Polish)2011-01-27
Podróż z dzieckiem wokół Morza Czarnego (in Polish) – one of Polish biggest web portals Podrózujac z dzieckiem (photo gallery, in Polish)2011-01-16
Podróżując z dzieckiem (photo gallery, in Polish)
Travellers Portal “peron4

On Radiofonia by Anna Morawiec (in Polish, 9 minutes)
Radio station

The Family Without Borders @ Viaggiare i Balcani2010-12-22
The Family Without Borders (in Italian)
Viaggiare i Balcani – online platform about traveling

The Family Without Borders @ Peron42010-11-16
9 krajów, 6 miesięcy, 3 osoby. Podróż z małą Hanią wokół Morza Czarnego (in Polish)
Travellers Portal “peron4”

6 mesi on the road a 6 mesi / magazine D 2010-11-06
6 mesi on the road a 6 mesi (.pdf / 4,7 MB) (in Italian)
Magazine “D” of La Repubblica

The Family Without Borders @ Cafe Babel2010-10-19
Travelling the Black Sea with a baby (in English)
Familie grenzenlos: Mit Baby unterwegs am Schwarzen Meer (in German)
Rodeando el mar Negro con un bebé (in Spanish)
L’Europe en couche : 9 pays en 6 mois avec un mioche (in French)
Podróz z dzieckiem przez Morze Czarne (in Polish)
Web Magazine “Café Babel”

Elf Länder, sechs Monate, ein Baby (in German)
Newspaper “Freie Presse” (Germany)

polska24 - Polish TV2010-10-12
Telewizja Polska SA  – Polska 24 Polish TV-Station

in Polish Rodzina bez granic (in Polish)
Blog of Krzysztof Kacprzyk

"Cosa serve a nostra figlia? Genitori felici" @ lei web2010-09-29
Cosa serve a nostra figlia? Genitori felici (in Italian)
Online Portal “lei web”

Rodzina bez granic ale za to z blogiem (in Polish)
Blog of Artur Kurasiński

Wave Magazine2010-08-10
Russia the most difficult, Georgia the loveliest (in English)
Web magazine “Wave”

Deutsche Welle Audio2010-06-20
20 de Junho de 2010 – Noite (in Portuguese, from 15th min)
Radio “Deutsche Welle”
(the German propaganda broadcasting)


(Don’t) Get Lost (in English)
Song by band Trike and Carsten F.

În turul Europei de Est la vârsta de 6 luni. Episodul Cluj. » (in Romanian)
Newspaper “Ziua de Cluj” (Romania)

Articles published by us

peron4: 24 powody, dla których ludzie nie podróżują z dziećmi2011-06-25
24 powody, dla których ludzie nie podróżują z dziećmi (in Polish)
Travellers Portal peron4

Wielka wlóczega z malym dzieckiem (in Polish)
“Dziecko” is the main Polish magazine for parents

Inne swiaty (in Polish)
“Dziecko” is the main Polish magazine for parents eDziecko: Dookola morza (in Polish)2011-03-07
Dookola morza (in Polish)
“Dziecko” is the main Polish magazine for parents

To wants means to be able to @ mladi info2010-10-31
“To want” means “to be able to” (in English)
Online Portal “mladi info”

Futhermore we publish in the Gaga magazine, National Geographic Traveller and magazine Kontynenty. Some prints you will find on our facebook page.


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